Why Should you Join the SNA?

We, at the SNA, have a noble humanitarian mission and great ambitions that could only be achieved with the help of our volunteers and supporters.

We help organizations coordinate and cooperate with each other

Each of the member organizations of the SNA does a great job in their field; however, through adequately coordinating their efforts and resources they can achieve great results. Join us to help the alliance reach its vision of building a civil society whose members work efficiently and harmoniously.

Our expertise stems from our partners’ long experience in humanitarian work

Members of the SNA have had a long experience in humanitarian work both locally and internationally. By joining the alliance, you can benefit from these experiences and apply lessons learned to serve a higher humanitarian cause.

Our roots are Syrian, but our aspirations are global

We respond to the needs of our country, understand the context of the crisis, and work to achieve the best possible results to improve the humanitarian situation there. Be among the voices that will contribute to conveying the voice of Syrian refugees and displaced people to all international fora.

Join SNA

Tell us more about yourself and why you would like to volunteer in SNA. 

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