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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Read below to learn more about the SNA. 

    What is the Syrian NGO Alliance (SNA)?

    The alliance, based in Gaziantep, Turkey, was established on April 2nd, 2014 and currently includes 23 of the most prominent Syrian non-governmental organizations. The SNA works, especially in emergency situations, to help its member organizations support refugees and displaced people in Northern Syria and other neighboring countries, raise awareness of the suffering of Syrians, provide more resources to ensure proper relief responses, amplify a stronger voice to advocate for their causes, and bring about real change in international policies that affect them and restore their rights, as well as cooperate more closely with various international bodies to rebuild their societies.

    Who are the members of the SNA?

    The Alliance currently includes 23 of the most prominent Syrian NGOs that are active in the areas of support, relief, development, education, protection, health and other vital humanitarian fields that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians inside and outside of Syria. To view the list of member organizations, click here.

    What are the benefits of joining the SNA?

    The benefits of joining the alliance are abundant. It contributes to the development of the capacity of member organizations to better coordinate their efforts and advocate for primary issues, especially those related to the conditions of Syrian refugees and displaced people. In addition, it assists in adequately governing available material and human resources as well as providing institutions with the chance to benefit from each other’s expertise and experiences. It also promotes effective communication between civil society organizations, helps build a strong network of civic actors, and coordinates efforts to build strong partnerships with external stakeholders. Members can also make use of training sessions and workshops organized by the alliance as well as from the experiences and knowledge-sharing provided by its different constituents.

    How can I join the SNA?

    You can join the alliance through submitting the designated form. Click here to know more about membership terms and conditions.

    Is it possible for individuals to join the SNA?

    Currently, membership is only limited to Syrian civil society organizations.