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The SNA is an alliance of Syrian civil society organisations mainly concerned with humanitarian affairs. It was established with the aim of promoting joint humanitarian response between Syrian NGOs that are active in the areas of support, relief, development, education, protection, health and other vital humanitarian fields that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians inside and outside Syria. This is achieved through coordinating efforts, resources, and expertise to provide support for refugees and those who are displaced within Syria and in neighboring countries. What is also vital is advocating for humanitarian issues, seeking to change policies that affect those who are concerned, and amplifying a common voice that can reach relevant decision-makers. This narrative mainly focuses on the situation of Syrians and their main issues of concern.

The alliance, based in Gaziantep, Turkey, was established on April 2nd, 2014 and currently includes 23 of the most prominent Syrian non-governmental organizations. Through coordination and close cooperation between its members, the SNA advocates for issues that concern civilians affected by the conflict in Syria. 

In addition, they work to protect their rights and seek to change unjust laws and policies against them. Members do so through participating in international meetings, consultations, and conferences, through liaising with donors, officials and decision-makers, as well as through coordinating with humanitarian organizations and working groups both locally and internationally to monitor the challenges that impede emergency responses and contribute to overcoming them. The alliance also works in the field of capacity-building through organizing workshops and training sessions as well as establishing platforms for knowledge sharing and information exchange. On the media level, it holds conferences and publishes relevant data and news to raise awareness on the most significant issues affecting Syrians today.The Syrian NGO Alliance adopts basic human values as stipulated in international agreements. It is also inspired by its members to promote the values of partnership, equality, and trust. The mosaic symbol in our logo reflects our diversity and various activities, the fair and equitable representation within our networks, as well as our common vision and focus on achieving our basic goals.

In addition, the alliance promotes a preeminent Syrian narrative that emphasizes humanitarian, legal, and civil values as well as conveys the suffering of the Syrian people without discrimination, exaggeration or belittling. It is described as so by its member organizations based on their experience and expertise as it echoes problems Syrians face in their daily life, especially in areas of displacement where hundreds of thousands of people live in the harshest human conditions.

The SNA Core Values

Our Values


We positively listen to each other, manage our dialogues with respect and understanding and seek to enhance trust among our members. We also want this trust to be reflected in the increased confidence of Syrian youth in general humanitarian activities.


We believe that we achieve more when we work together, and that we are stronger when we collaborate to reach our just goals.


We see that it is important to govern properly the use of available resources, to reduce waste, and to avoid redundancy in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits from projects and services.


We want the coalition to be a leading platform for joint civil society work in Syria, where organizations can share experiences, resources, and expertise within an atmosphere of cooperation and partnership.


We believe that we are all equal in rights and duties. This conviction stems from the commitment of our members towards all beneficiaries on a just and non-discriminatory basis regardless of any ethnic, racial, religious or regional differences.


Leading Syrian humanitarian work and amplifying its voice to empower societies and advocate for their rights. 



An alliance of Syrian humanitarian organizations that advocate and coordinate effectively and collaboratively multi-level responses to Syrian humanitarian affairs, with the aim of helping Syrians to preserve their dignity and rights.


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We, at the SNA, have a noble humanitarian mission and great ambitions that could only be achieved with the help of our volunteers and supporters. 

Our Mission is to mobilizing all efforts to advocate for issues affecting Syrians everywhere