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The SNA is a platform for coordination and cooperation among its members as well as with international humanitarian organizations and decision-makers, which helps its members achieve the highest possible degree of efficient humanitarian interventions and mobilize required support to assist conflict-affected communities. This alliance reflects the increasing importance of civil action based on cooperation, coordination, and exchange of experiences. It also allows international institutions and other humanitarian actors to obtain more reliable information on the situation of Syrian refugees and displaced people and to implement effective interventions by taking advantage of different sectors and programs implemented by member organizations.

The SNA currently includes 23 of the most prominent Syrian NGOs that are active in various humanitarian fields and sectors in order to provide emergency responses to civilians, refugees, and displaced people affected by the conflict that has been ongoing in Syria for years.


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A Unified Voice Reflecting the Suffering of Refugees and the Displaced


The Alliance currently includes 23 of the most prominent Syrian NGOs that are active in the areas of support, relief, development, education, protection, health, and other vital humanitarian fields that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians inside Syria.

Why Should you Join the SNA?

An alliance is much more than the sum of its parts. While each of the member organizations of the SNA makes a significant impact on the communities it works with, the combination of efforts and expertise enables us to multiply our impact and take advantage of available resources to the fullest. The benefits of joining the alliance are many, including but not limited to: 

Coordination of advocacy efforts:

The SNA allows participating organizations to coordinate their efforts and advocate for core issues they believe in, driving by that the change they seek to achieve.

Wisely governing resources and benefiting from different experiences:

The alliance helps organizations take advantage of available material and human resources to the fullest while avoiding redundancy in implemented activities, benefiting from experiences, and cooperating with experts in member organizations.

Strengthening Civic Networks:

The SNA fosters effective communication between members of the civil society and builds strong local civic networks. It also coordinates efforts to build strong relationships with external actors.

Closer cooperation with international partners:

 The alliance allows international supporters to obtain more reliable and comprehensive information on internal conditions in Syria through presenting different activities implemented by each member organization.


Members can frequently benefit from training sessions and workshops organized by the alliance as well as from the experiences and knowledge-sharing provided by its different constituents.

Become a member

Membership Terms and Conditions

All members of the alliance should adhere to humanitarian principles and standards as stipulated in international treaties. They should also be active in various humanitarian fields – implementing different programs, initiatives and projects that have a direct positive impact on the lives of civilians affected by the conflicts.