What we do

Our Activities

Together, we can make a better impact since our collective voices will ring louder and will reflect the voices of many civilians affected by the conflict in Syria. Our duty is for these voices to reach officials and decision-makers and to reflect our different experiences as organizations as well as our actual interactions with beneficiaries.

A Unified Voice Reflecting the Suffering of Refugees and the Displaced


Meetings and Coordination

Participating in meetings, conferences and events to advocate for issues that concern civilians affected by the conflict in Syria as well as playing an active role in coordinating efforts and ensuring a better humanitarian response.

Reaching out to Decision Makers

Organizing one-on-one meetings with decision-makers and officials from member states of the United Nations, who are involved in issues related to the Syrian conflict with the aim of improving emergency responses and protecting both civilians and humanitarian workers.

Open Channels of Communication

Establishing contacts with local and international fora that are active in the Syrian context, including the Syrian Networks League, the NGO Forum in Northwest Syria, and the Syrian International Regional Forum (SIRF). This will allow better coordination of advocacy and communication efforts to understand common challenges and to identify the most appropriate ways to overcome them.

A Comprehensive and Coordinated Humanitarian Response


Coordinated Response

Participating in different meetings to discuss and coordinate the humanitarian response in Syria. The Alliance meets with several groups, including but not limited to: The Humanitarian Response Group (HLG), the Strategic Steering Group (SSG), and the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG).


Participating in meetings and conferences that include donors, such as the Brussels Conference, the London Syria Conference, and the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. The SNA also takes part in meetings with officials in high positions concerned with the conflict situation in Syria.

An Active Platform

Acting as a platform to monitor challenges and share information as well as experiences, both internally within the alliance itself and externally with other stakeholders and partners in order to effectively address these challenges.

Helping to Build the Future


Train and Share Knowledge

Conducting training and capacity-building sessions where participants can share best practices and “lessons learned”.


Organizing workshops on various topics and issues related to humanitarian responses.

Echoing the Syrian Voices through Media


Media Coordination

Coordinating with media agencies covering news on the Syrian humanitarian response.

Media Outreach

Holding media conferences and disseminating statements, videos, and news to raise awareness and advocate for key humanitarian issues.

Stay With Us

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23 of the Most Established Syrian NGOs


Leading Efforts to Coordinate and Empower

The Syrian NGO Alliance (SNA) consists of 23 organizations that respond to humanitarian needs in accordance with international standards and protocols. The alliance provides an umbrella for these non-governmental organisations to coordinate and advocate for common messages so that the voices of affected civilians can be heard. The SNA also plays an active role in providing guidance on how aid can be delivered to Syria.